Canoeing the Pine River

The Pine River is a beautiful and challenging river. It has one of the fastest flows in all of Michigan and has some exciting small rapids. This makes it a challenging and exciting river to paddle. It is recommended you have someone in your group with canoe experience. It does have some Class I-II rapids.

Coolwater Campground Landing is located between Dobson Bridge and High School Bridge.  Click here for Pine River Map.

Click here for current Pine River Conditions.

If you are bringing your own canoe or kayak, canoe permits are required May 15 through September 10. To make a reservation or obtain a permit, call the Baldwin National Forest Ranger Station. 231-745-4631.

We can help you spot you car at your end destination.  Call for current Car Spotting Prices.

Check with these local canoe liveries for rental availability and river info:

Coolwater campground is the perfect overnight spot along the Pine River for 2, or 3 day trips. We have an canoe landing that you can end your day of canoeing and walk to your campsite!

Courtesy water craft hours on the river are 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. This gives the fisherman ample time to experience the river.

Respect private property and the rights of others visiting the Pine. Operating a water craft under the influence is a violation and is enforced. The Forest Service and Pine River Livery Association have established a voluntary 4-can limit of alcoholic beverage per person. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Pine River Info

9424 W. 48 1/2 Rd
Wellston, Michigan 49689

Phone: 231-862-3481

Located 2 miles south of M-55, and 2 miles east of M-37

Map to Cool Water Campground:

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